Help us get home- key workers among friends trapped in Bali

Health workers among four friends stranded after flights stopped

We've been hearing from one Neath mum whose daughter Katie is one of four friends trapped along with around 300 Brits on Bali after flights out dried up 

Helen Lloyd said the picture changed so fast the friends had no idea what was coming.

"At the time when they travelled the advice was still you were able to travel overseas Things just obviously changed very quickly and now they find themselves stranded in Bali with no flights at all leaving in the next couple of days. All cancelled.

"Things have changed at such a rapid rate that we would never have known that this would happen so quickly and that countries would shut down within only days' notice for people to get from the other side of the world. Its just impossible."


Two health workers are members of the group of friends and Helen says they are desperate to get home and help. 

Helen said Katie and her friends had been reaching out to lone travellers who were facing what could soon be a lockdown situation on the island with no knowledge of how long they were going to be stuck.

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