Council Leader Says High Street Regeneration Is Underway

Council leader hits out at 'damaging' Daily Mail journalism

The leader of Swansea Council's been responding to tabloid reports calling the city's High Street desolate and plagued by crime and drugs.

The Daily Mail and The Sun Online painted a bleak picture of the city street.

The Daily Mail report said: "Business owners say they have been driven out of a historic high street for good by rising crime.

"Entrepreneurs in Swansea say they are 'shutting up shop' due to guns, violence, prostitution and drugs, lamenting: 'The criminals have won."

The Sun stated: "Hookers charging just £10 for sex in "Condom Alley" and morning drug deals are forcing businesses to close on "Britain's worst high street".

Swansea Council leader Rob Stewart has spoken to Claire Pearson about the problems facing the area and what's being done to regenerate the city centre street:



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