Hydrogen Tech at City Centre Event

Green vehicles are stars of the show

State-of the-art hydrogen technology will be on display at a major event in Swansea city centre this weekend.

As well as hydrogen powered cars being provided by Riversimple and Toyota UK, Swansea University will also be on hand at Saturday's Clean Air Roadshow with a bike that people can pedal to generate their own hydrogen car fuel.

Taking place in Castle Square from 10am to 4pm, the event is aimed at showcasing electric car technology and other innovative, sustainable forms of transport to encourage take-up and help Swansea cut its carbon footprint.

The BMW i3 and i8, Tesla's Model S and Model X, a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, a KIA Optima, a KIA Niro, a Renault Zoe, an Audi A1 low emission and an Audi A3 sportback e-tron are among the electric and low emission cars that will be on display.

Electric vehicles from the Swansea Council and Swansea University fleets will also be there, along with Mid and West Wales Fire Service hydrogen cars.

Other features of the event will include a Sinclair C5 from the 1980s, videos on the big screen and live shows from Titan the friendly robot at 11.30am, 1pm and 2.30pm.

Martin Nicholls, Director of Place at Swansea Council, said: "With about 80,000 plug-in electric cars now registered, the UK currently has the seventh most vehicles of this kind on the road, but we're looking to be pioneers of this technology here in Swansea. This is important to help the city further cut its carbon footprint and leave a greener, more sustainable Swansea for generations to come.

"Working alongside our partners in the private and public sectors, the Clean Air Roadshow will demonstrate the type of electric and hydrogen vehicle technology that's out there nowadays, with opportunities to be made available on the day to book test drives in future. We're also exploring the introduction of more electric car charging points in Swansea to make sure we have the infrastructure in place to support people's aspirations. 

"We hope this event will highlight all that's being done across Swansea to promote sustainable travel."

The event will also include displays from Chargemaster, who will be promoting chargers and showing how they work, as well as display vehicles from My Big Green Fleet. 

Representatives from Gower Power, Electric Nation, Friends of the Earth and Swansea Council's air pollution teams will be on hand, along with representatives from Sustrans, who'll be promoting the cycle to work scheme and the cycle networks available in Swansea.


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