Katherine Jenkins Talks Motherhood, Climate Change and Johnny Depp!

Mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins popped into The Wave and Swansea Sound ahead of her NEW album launch next week at St David's Church in Neath.

Guiding Light is out on November 30th. 

Katherine will also be on tour in 2019 - with two Welsh dates. She'll be at St David's Hall in Cardiff on May the 7th and Venue Cymru in Llandudno on the 10th of May. 

Our reporter Emma Grant spoke to Katherine about juggling work and family life, having a traditional Christmas and we also got some inside info' on the new Johnny Depp movie. Click link to LISTEN: 

A really emotional album

Katherine told us : "I wanted to make something that really came from the heart, that I thought moved me and I hoped would move other people. I am in a place where I just feel really settled and thankful and happy in all areas. I think that's affected my music. It's not about singing as many high notes as I can but more music that hopefully will touch people in the way I feel touched at the moment."

Guiding Light launch in Neath 

"I decided I didn't want my album launch party in London, I wanted to be back home - so we are doing it at St David's Church in Neath. I am going to be putting on a concert where I sing some of the new songs from the album.  It's going to be something which is more inclusive of the community. It's my way of saying thank you."

Welsh shows are Katherine's 'favourite'

"I think Welsh audiences are the best. Not just the singing, when you get them involved - but also the banter. I like to talk to the audience and I like to get questions from them. We always have the most fun when back in Wales."

On embracing motherhood

"I love it ..it's amazing Aaliyah has just turned 3 and Xander has just turned 7 months. They're adorable.  They're the best thing that's happened to me. I love being a family of four."

On juggling and trying to be 'everything to everyone'

"I don't think I can offer advice to anyone because I am only just feeling like I am coping myself. What I am trying to do is admit to myself I am not super woman, things will go wrong and that is fine. When we were making the album we were filming some stuff in the studio and I handed Xander over to my husband, to say goodbye, Xander projectile vomited all over me. I was like 'no ...I've got to get get changed again and I'm already late.' But you have those days and I think everybody understands."

Getting emotional about her work helping children with grief

"There's a song on the album called Jealous of the Angels - I dedicate it to anybody who has lost anybody. Obviously losing my dad it was a song that really resonated with me. I work with a charity called Grief Encounter and they work with children who have lost a parent or sibling and help them get through it. I found out they have a choir and I thought, well actually - 'why don't I do a masterclass with them? Where we do some funny exercises and do a song together.' We learnt Jealous of the Angels and it was amazing. Some had lost family in Grenfell, some to cancer, very small children. They did everything with laughter. At the end we stopped and had some pizza, held a candle and talked about who we were singing for, and they really just inspired me. I really get choked up about it just thinking about it because then I went home, I sobbed my eyes out. because I was so touched by them. It's really important how you handle this kind of grief. It's not easy at any age. But when you are a child it is important that you talk to someone outside of the family and you help process it so you can move on."

Having a BIG family window at Christmas

"I'm going to be taking Christmas and pretty much all of January to spend time with the family!

"My husband Andrew travels a lot with his work as well. My sister and my mum, just getting everyone together- that's the most important thing.

"I think now seeing it through children's eyes. and how important it is to follow family traditions. the things that my sister and I used to do at Christmas. I am so to be teaching my children that looking forward to doing that. So yeah, I think the most important thing this year is taking time off and being with the family."

Johnny Depp and climate change

"I'm going to be supporting my husband (Andrew Levitas) who is going to make a movie abroad next year. It's my turn to support him as he is always supportive of me. It's about the first environmental disaster and Johnny Depp's involved. It's a really important film because with all the climate change stuff and people saying it's not happening and it's not real - it's really important that we are all doing our bit and focusing on these type of issues."




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