Man Ruled Out as Suspect in 1946 Murder

Muriel Drinkwater was found dead in Penllergaer Woods

Police in Swansea have ruled out a suspect in the 1946 case dubbed the Little Red Riding Hood Murder.

Muriel Drinkwater was just 12 years old when her body was found in Penllergaer Woods.

Officers have since been reinvestigating the case, looking at a theory that convicted murderer Harold Jones was responsible for her death.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Lewis, head of the Specialist Crime Review Unit said: “The results of the forensic examination categorically confirm that Jones was not responsible for the murder of Muriel Drinkwater.

“Due to advances in forensic technology we have been able to look again at evidence from the murder in 1946 and I am now able to rule out Harold Jones completely as a suspect in this case.

“I have spoken to Muriel’s family and bring them up to date with the latest details of this investigation.

“All historic murder cases, often referred to in the media as ‘cold cases,’  are allocated to the Specialist Crime Review Unit and remain under active consideration and will be subject of re-investigation as and when new information is received or when there are advances in forensic science.  

“Each case is reviewed periodically.  If information comes in from the public or other forces we act on it.”

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