Muttering Robots? Take a Listen!

Oriel Science ready with Easter fun events

Did you ever meet a robot?

Well, why not come and find out what the muttering robot is up to at Oriel Science.

Oriel Science, in partnership with Swansea University, will host its unique 'Muttering Robot' workshop on Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd April, from 10 am - 4 pm at Princess Way, Swansea, SA1 5HE. And it's all FREE! 

Robots work in factories and warehouses, hospitals, people's homes and even on Mars! Researchers from the Universities of Swansea and Bath want to find out if we can understand what robots are doing by watching them and listening to them. 

Come and see the R5 Robot and see if you can tell what it's up to from its mutterings!

Visitors will be able to watch the robot go about its business, as it moves around and interacts with its 'robot pen'. After a few minutes, you can try and work out what it's actually been up to - and see if you've got it right!

Chris Allton, Director of Oriel Science said: "Oriel Science is delighted to host the 'Muttering Robots' workshop.  Robots are becoming a part of life in more and more places and are a wonderful example of how science, engineering and technology impact our everyday lives."

Vivienne Rogers, Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at Swansea University added: "It's been really exciting to work with Rob Wortham (Muttering Robot Designer and Experimentor, University of Bath) to help make the robot mutter. As a researcher in linguistics I am interested in how we learn and understand language and the robot is a really exciting way to explore that. We hope the public enjoy engaging with the muttering robot as much as we've enjoyed developing it!"

In addition to joining the Muttering Robot workshop visitors will also be able to continue to visit 'The 'Story of Time' exhibition at the venue Oriel Science venue. Where does the time go? Can time really fly? Is time just an illusion? The Story of Time exhibition answers these questions. 

Guarded by the Tardis and a Back to the Future DeLorean car, visitors can meander through, interact with, listen, look, touch and generally play around with exhibits around the theme of Time. Discover how the Higgs boson, often called the "God particle", was first detected in the mock-up of CERN's Large Hadron Collider, see a glacial calving in Greenland, tell the time with tree rings, witness the history of the universe displayed on a 30 metre time wall, and hear the sounds of deep space as you watch a time lapse video of the southern stars.

Oriel Science's mission is to bring the wonders of Science to the public through exhibitions on a scientific theme, which will inspire visitors to think and explore how science and technology impact their daily lives.

Visitors will also be able to drive the racing car simulator and make Easter crafts at the arts and crafts workshop.
Chris Allton, Director of Oriel Science, said; "We are excited to welcome back the Swansea University Race Engineering's car, it's been one of our most popular exhibits. As well as sitting in the open-wheeler racing car and driving the simulator around a race track, visitors to Oriel Science can hunt for Easter Eggs with a scientific theme, not to mention view and interact with our continuing "Story of Time" exhibition."

Marissa Gotsell, PR and Sponsorship Manager, Swansea University Race Engineering (SURE), said:  "We're excited to be returning the SURE exhibit back to Oriel Science for the Easter holidays. Come along and test your driving skills on the same simulator used to test the skill of our drivers ready for the Formula Student competitions."

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