NHS Staff To Stage Peaceful Protests In Call For Fair Pay!

A group of nurses from Swansea have teamed up with their counterparts in other parts of the UK to coordinate a NEW campaign.

They will head to the Senedd on Saturday the 8th of August - there will also be a march from Swansea's Castle Square to the Guildhall at the same time.

Specialist nurse, Amy Mainwaring, is one of the organisers she told us: "We are campaigning on behalf of all NHS workers because we recently were told that we have not been included in the Government pay rises that have been extended after the Covid crisis. We feel at the moment that it is time to have our voices heard and to ask for fair pay for what we do.

"This isn't about about what anyone else has had - any of the pay rises that others have had. It is about what we deserve as NHS workers and not just nurses, I am speaking as a nurse, but I am speaking on behalf of the porters, the domestics, the secretaries, the junior doctors, the clinical nurses, the specialist nurses, the matrons - all of us."

LISTEN to full interview here:

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