Nuclear Waste Dumping Row

Welsh Government's handling of the situation called into question.

The Conservative AM for South Wales West feels the Welsh Government has failed to join residents and businesses in opposing proposals that could see nuclear waste dumped in Swansea and other parts of South Wales.

Ms Davies raised questions with the Environment Minister on Wednesday asking the Welsh Government whether they had made any submission to the consultation on proposed sites.

Lesley Griffiths, the Welsh Government’s Environment Minister, said: "I wont be submitting a response."

She added that she had met with RWM, the organisation looking to find sites to dump nuclear waste, and said that she felt "as a north Walian” that as Swansea’s public meeting had been changed to a webinar, “the Llandudno one (meeting) should be a webinar."

Mrs Davies, who has opposed any suggestion of burying of nuclear waste in Swansea and surrounding areas, said "Swansea residents really wont be interested in whether north Wales has had the same type of meeting as them, which seemed to be the Minister’s main concern.

"What residents and businesses will expect is that Welsh Government has actually given its views on this very serious matter. After all, this is the same Minister who chose to write to Natural Resources Wales, a Welsh Government sponsored body, to encourage them to ban shooting on their land."

During her questioning of the Minister, Mrs Davies also pushed on whether local AMs who are also members of the Welsh Government had been allowed to submit responses to the consultation, or whether their Cabinet positions prevented them opposing the nuclear dumping.

"The silence was deafening from the Minister when I asked if AMs in Welsh Government had been allowed to respond to the consultation."

Mrs Davies, in her consultation response, said her main concerns were that: "due to the post-mining nature of the land in the region, there was incomplete mapping which meant that it would be extremely difficult to know which areas could be safe and which are not. Combined with the connected questions about the consistency of the water table and underground water flows, it is hard to understand why the area ever appeared on a list of possible sites.

"My other major concern is that, whether this dumping may be considered safe or not, I don’t want Swansea’s residents or its economic future being harmed by long-lasting worries about future contamination.  No amount of money in exchange for accepting the waste would counteract reputational damage to the area for years to come."

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