New Campaign Against Return To School

Over 1,600 people have joined 'Parents For Safety First.' 

The campaign,  was launched on Facebook just hours after the Welsh Government announced its plans for all children to return to school in a staged approach by the end of the month. 

The group describes its aims as 'opposing the Welsh Government's plans to reopen schools for all pupils' saying "under the plans, the average secondary-school teacher could see 150 students a day, meaning that every child would be put in touch with 150 other households. This massively increases the threat of our children (and us!) being infected by the new Coronavirus. It will be worse for their education too, because if every teacher is in the school for 5 days a week there be will no one to set work for our children to do while they're at home."

The group has announced plans for a mass online meeting of parents and a car cavalcade.

Ross Saunders, one of the campaign's founders, said: "There should be no return to school until education workers on the frontline confirm that it's safe for our children, teachers and the rest of the community."

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