Petition To Bring Home Didcot Dad

4,768 people have now signed a petition calling for more effort to find a Swansea dad caught up in the Didcot disaster.

34 year old Christopher Huxtable is one of three men missing in the rubble of the collapsed power station in Oxfordshire.

People have been venting their frustration on the petition site, as well as leaving messages of support for the families involved.

Mandie Scott wrote: These lads and their families have simply suffered enough!

Amanda Caracciolo: These men need returning to their families. its not right they have been left.

Wendy Cupitt: We need to get these men out. When all those miners where stuck in Chili their government never gave up on them. We are the UK for God sake. My thoughts and prayers are with their families xx

Caroline Lucas: Please give these guys the dignity they deserve by finding them so their families can lay them to rest and get the closure they need so they can grieve for their loved ones

Ricky Croshaw: I was there working at the time of the accident as a telehandler and feel very lucky myself but these men need to be given back to the families, the rescue services haven't the capacity to get them out


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