Police Bring Organised Drug Group To Justice

Some of the heroin and cash seized as part of the investigation.

The final phase of sentencing took place today at Swansea Crown Court for Operation Cryptic.

Dyfed-Powys Police brings 21 members of an organised crime group to justice, and takes them and the drugs they supplied off the streets of Llanelli.

The final phase of sentencing took place today (March 29) at Swansea Crown Court for Operation Cryptic, which has seen 21 defendants sentenced to over 70 years between them. The sentencing for this operation has been taking place over a number of months - but today sees the conclusion. 

39 year old Kelly ROBERTS (DOB 8/11/79) from Swansea was today sentenced to 6 months suspended for 18 months.

The following defendants have been sentenced as follows previously:

25 year old Ben CAULFIELD (DOB 2/8/93) from Swansea – 10 years
55 year old Bridgette WILLLIAMS (DOB 22/1/64) from Llanelli – 8 years
35 year old Jade WILLIAMS (DOB 16/1/84) from Llanelli – 8 years
29 year old George HAWKINS (DOB 17/7/89) from Llanelli – 40 months
65 year old Janice HAWKINS (DOB 23/10/53) from Llanelli – 36 months
35 year old Debbie WOOD (DOB 28/6/83) from Llanelli – 4 years
48 year old James MOCHAN (DOB 25/8/70) from Llanelli – 4 years
32 year old Allica EVANS (DOB 11/11/86) from Llanelli – 24 months suspended for 18 months
31 year old Kelly Marie EVANS (DOB 14/3/88) from Llanelli – 20 months suspended for 18 months
26 year old Lee JOHN (DOB 22/6/82) from Llanelli - 40 months
37 year old Christopher Daniel MORRIS (DOB 27/11/81) from Llanelli – 40 months
35 year old Wayne JENKINS (DOB 1/4/84) from Llanelli – Suspended sentence
27 year old Stacey CHARLES (DOB 30/10/91) from Llanelli – 28 months
37 year old Carwyn BIGNELL (DOB 6/10/81) from Llanelli – 40 months + 2 months concurrent for possession of bladed article
23 year old Emily JONES (DOB 23/8/95) from Llanelli – 28 months
41 year old Jeremy PEGLER (DOB 1/11/77) from Llanelli – 40 months
54 year old John Paul BEGAN (21/12/64) from Swansea – 6 ½ years
19 year old Zain THOMAS (DOB 15/9/99) from Birmingham – 60 months
24 year old Eugene BRANNIGAN (DOB 11/6/94) from Birmingham – 41 months
32 year old Daniel CROFT (DOB 25/6/86) from Swansea – 9 months

Operation Cryptic was a protracted investigation by the Dyfed-Powys Police Serious and Organised Crime Team between February and September 2018 that focused on the supply of Class A drugs, namely heroin, in the Llanelli area. The focus was on identifying, arresting and prosecuting those involved in the sourcing, storing, preparation and supply of heroin. The investigation culminated in an enforcement phase which resulted in the arrest of these individuals.

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