Search For Teddy Reaches Fifth Day

Teddy has been missing from the Kilvey Hill area since Sunday 11th February

Swansea family urge public to help find Chihuahua

A Swansea family is asking for the public's help to find their missing dog, last seen on Sunday 11th of February.

Teddy is an 8-month-old lilac Merle Chihuahua from Bonymaen.

He went missing while out for a walk on Kilvey Hill after becoming spooked by a man on a bike.

We spoke to his owner Alex Evans.

"My daughter, Harley, and my brother, Lewis, went for a walk on Sunday up Kilvey Hill, it was around 1:30pm.

"Halfway up theHill, on the concrete part where you can park you car, a guy on a bike was coming down the path.

"He spooked Teddy and he darted off into the woods.

"We've tried everything"

"We have lots of people volunteering to go out and look.

"We've all been up three or four times a day.

"I haveve taken a crate to where he was last seen and covered it with our dogs blankets for the scent, and taken food and water daily.

"I have had a BBQ up there because we were told the smell of cooked sausages would bring him out - but nothing has worked.

"We have left dirty T-shirts and towels, we have tried everything.

"He weighs between 4-5 pound, he is so small and he had no coat on at the time he went missing."

Not seen since Sunday

Alex told us she is growing more concerned because they have had no tip-offs as to his location since he went missing.

"There's not even been any sightings, no one has seen him at all.

"I have no area to go on to start searching.

"We are hoping everyone will keep an eye out for him.

Unique Looking

Alex said Teddy is a very rare type of Chihuahua.

"Everyone says he's a really unique looking Chihuahua.

"He's a Lilac Merle. That is why I liked him because he is so different.

"He is patchy, greyish looking and one side of his face is lighter than the other.

"We've got another Chihuahua, we call them husband and wife. He is more than a pet to us he is a part of our family, we call them kids.

"There is a reward for whoever brings him back to me. We are offering £200. I would do anything, I just want him back."

Alex is urging anyone with any information to get in touch.


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