Shelter Cymru's Plea to Share App

App will help those facing homelessness

Shelter Cymru is reminding the public of a free app that the charity has designed to help people who've suddenly been made homeless.

The organisation is urging people to share this app with other people that they know who may be facing a housing crisis so that nobody has to face homelessness and housing difficulties alone. The message is to "pass it on" to someone in need of housing advice.

The Shelter Cymru "Housing Help" app gives advice to people on various aspects of homelessness and housing issues. The app is free to download on Apple, Android and Windows phones and tablets and is a comprehensive source of help for people wanting to access Shelter Cymru's advice services, or for professionals in the field. It's been designed to be simple to use and it provides offline access also.

The app features a wealth of information and advice to anyone faced with a housing crisis. Whether people are worried about mortgage or rent arrears, debt, disrepair or tenancy issues, Shelter Cymru's  app can offer relevant help and advice to all its users. The app also contains information regarding Shelter Cymru's surgeries across Wales and people can use the app to find out how to contact us directly, whether by phone, face-to-face advice or by email.

John Puzey, Director Shelter Cymru said: "We are delighted that the Shelter Cymru Housing Help app is now available as a new information and advice resource.  Many people have difficulties accessing free, independent advice on housing and homelessness issues and we are always looking at ways to improve our services. We hope also that the app will be a useful tool for people working in the housing sector - and all at their fingertips, free of charge and available to use offline".  

The Shelter Cymru app also contains useful links to various organisations that can help people with other housing-related problems, as well as a map listing all the venues, dates and times of surgeries held by Shelter Cymru throughout Wales.  The Shelter Cymru Live phone number is included in order to speak to an adviser if further help is needed.

This app is an invaluable, free resource to anyone facing housing difficulties in Wales. But Shelter Cymru is urging people to share this information with friends, family and colleagues or indeed anyone they fear may be facing difficulties with housing related issues.

Mr Puzey added: "We urge people who are facing problems to contact Shelter Cymru - it's never too early or too late to seek advice.  Hopefully, this app will give them the information that they need in a quick and effective way, plus the relevant contact details within Shelter Cymru.  Over the last 35 years we have worked hard to keep people in their homes and this is another step forward in developing our advice work."

To download the app, go to the App Store and search Shelter Cymru  or Housing Help.

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