Smoking Banned at City's School Gates

Parents urged to stub out cigarettes

Smoking is set to be banned outside school gates in Swansea as part of plans to develop smoke-free areas across the city.

Swansea Council's launched a "smoke-free gates" campaign  to try to discourage parents from lighting up outside schools.

Seaview Primary School will be the first in Swansea to become a smoking-free zone.

Swansea Council and its partners are launching the initiative at the school on November 3 as part of its campaign to create a healthier city and encourage children not to take up the habit when they're older.

Some parents on the school run have a quick cigarette at the beginning or the end of the school day at school gates.

The healthy campaign follows on from a previous campaign which has seen signs put up at 77 local play areas in the city calling on adults not to smoke.

Latest research shows that 10 children start smoking each day in Wales.

Mark Child Cabinet Member for Well Being and Healthy City, said: "Creating smoke-free places is essential if we are to set positive examples to children which emphasise that the best way to stop smoking is never to start.

"Let's try and make sure none of the 10 children that start smoking in Wales each day, come from Swansea."

Earlier in 2016, the council launched its first 'smoke-free' beach at Caswell Bay and latest reports have shown it has been a success. 

Cllr Child added: "We've had a very positive response to the smoke free beach trial. Local businesses at the beach and beach goers have noticed a difference, particularly with the reduction in the amount of cigarette litter left on the beach."

Catrin Ford, Healthy Schools Practitioner at Public Health Wales, said:  "We're very excited about the launch of smoke free school gates initiative. The normalisation of healthy behaviours is key in helping to  ensure the best possible outcomes for our children and young people. 

"Smoke free school gates will not only be beneficial to the health of the school population but will also positively impact on the environment. We are delighted to have worked in collaboration with Swansea Council on this exciting public health campaign."

The campaign is also supported by Ash Wales Cymru and Stop Smoking Wales.

Here's the kids at Seaview Primary School in Mayhill, Swansea singing a special song they've written in support of the ban:



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