Swansea-based poetry collection to celebrate moon landings

Global contributors to 1969 Apollo 11 collection by Swansea editor

Swansea is playing its own part in global celebrations taking place  to mark 50 years since humans went to the moon.

On this day in 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's Apollo 11 touched down.

A few hours later - on the 21st July, Armstrong stepped on to the lunar surface. 

A dedicated collection of poems celebrating the "giant leap" has been published by Swansea writer Matt Smith.

He's produced an edition of his magazine Black Bough Poems to mark the anniversary of the lunar landings, and its been dedicated to British astronaut Helen Sharman, the first woman to visit the Mir Space Station in 1991.

Matt explained his thinking behind the magazine:

The idea of actually leaving; leaving planet earth and our actual orbit and then going to somewhere that's outside our realm into a more celestial or heavenly place - I think there's definitely something there that fires the poetic imagination."

You can read the whole edition - called "Lux Aeterna -Eternal Light" here:


The artwork is by Lizzie Kemball

Among the micropoems featured in the Swansea-produced broadsheet is "Small" by K. Weber who lives in the American MidWest. You can hear her interpretation of the 1969 mission here:



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