Late Buses Get The Green Light!

Traffic lights will change for buses running behind time

Buses in Swansea will be fitted with GPS to track their routes and tell the traffic lights to turn green if they're running late.

The technology is being trialled in the city centre to help speed up public transport.

Operator First Cymru says it hopes the move will encourage more passengers to use the service.

Managing director Justin Davies said: "We have the ability to know exactly where our vehicles are minute by minute as the day progresses

"As we collect that data, that's going to be transmitted into the local authority in Swansea.

"If a bus is running a little bit late, the traffic lights will change to favour the bus to enable its journey to be slightly speeded up and catch up the time.

"Where the bus is running normally the traffic light sequence will be absolutely as it is."

"Because we've got so much more information now than we've previously had, we're starting to see quite clearly where the timetables don't quite work or where the services aren't working as well as we want them to - the punctuality isn't where it needs to be.

"We need to go through the process of adjusting the timetables, work out where we need to take some time away from journeys or even add a bit of time in."

"Over the next six months, you'll see a step change in the quality of service being delivered."

Traffic light prioritising public transport has been in place in Swansea for a number of years; other parts of the UK have had it for almost 10 years. 

This particular system allows for an improved traffic management and allows traffic lights responding better to traffic flows and clear congestion - to the benefit of all users.

When a traffic light senses a bus approaching that is behind schedule, it will for instance keep the sequence on green for a bit longer; which will benefit all car users using the same lane/ and travelling in the same direction as the late-running bus. 

When a bus is running to schedule it will not be prioritised by the traffic lights.  

First Cymru has introduced new ticket machines, which offer contactless payments and expand the way customers can pay for their travel, as people increasingly use contactless to pay for small (below £30) purchases. 

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