Swansea Pupils Meet Space Hero!

From 'cardboard cut out Tim' to the real thing!

Blaenymaes Primary School has been specially selected to meet British Astronaut Tim Peake.

Earlier this year, Blaenymaes Primary School, in Swansea, was the only school in Wales to take part in a live video chat with British Astronaut Tim Peake on the International Space Station.

After that massive achievement, they have now been invited to meet the man himself in Cardiff Bay at the first leg of his UK Space Tour.

The Swansea school has been specially selected as the only one in Wales to give a presentation at the event on Thursday 13th October.

Major Tim Peake spent just over six months living and working on the International Space Station (ISS), after launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on 15 December 2015.

The children have been invited to show Tim how he and his space mission have inspired them to learn more about space and science.

A look back...

In 2015, Year five teacher at Blaenymaes Primary School, Amy Smith, signed her class up to the 'Cosmic Classroom'.

The competition was being run by the Times Educational Supplement (TES) and asked school children to submit questions on Twitter that they would like to ask Tim Peake.

The TES had more than 4,000 entries from across the UK and Blaenymaes became the only school in the country to be selected to travel to the event at the Liverpool World Museum. 

Major Tim Peake was in space on the International Space Station (ISS) when he popped up live on-screen to the hundreds of school children at the Museum.

The event was broadcast to school across the UK where children got the chance to watch Tim conduct mind-blowing space experiments like this one:

A chance to meet their Hero

Blaenymaes Primary was surprised this month with a phonecall inviting them to come and present to Tim Peake at an event in Cardiff.

It's all part of ESA astronaut Tim Peake's postflight tour of the UK, visiting all four national capitals along with Leicester, Manchester, Salford and Glasgow.

NASA crewmate Tim Kopra is joining Tim for the visits to Edinburgh, Belfast and London.

Tim will be giving a presentation in Cardiff, giving his first-hand account about life on the Space Station and talking about the important science experiments he conducted.

Mrs Smith said, "Somebody came to my classroom and told me there was an urgent phone call for me.

"I went to the office and when they asked if my class would like to come and meet Tim Peake the whole room erupted.

"When we told the children, we did it with a special video that was put together for them.

"One little girl cried. They couldn't believe it."

Here's the video that gave the children the amazing news:

And here's their spectacular reaction to it:

The UK public followed Tim’s mission on social media (nobody more than then Blaenymaes Primary!) and the Principia website.

Tim now has over a million followers on Twitter, making him the most followed ESA astronaut.

The kids at Blaenymaes were overwhelmed to get retweeted by Tim on the day they travelled to Liverpool. Fame!

As part of Tim’s Principia mission, the UK Space Agency invested £3 million in the biggest education and outreach initiative ever undertaken for an ESA astronaut.

More than a million young people have taken part and the UK tour is a way of thanking the British public for their support throughout his mission.

Tim said, “I’ve been extremely touched by the support of the British public before, during and after my mission to the ISS and I hope that my postflight tour will allow me to thank as many of those people as possible.

“I received the footage of the launch parties that were held in the four capitals a couple of days after I arrived in space so now I will be able to attend in person to join in with the celebrations.”

Here's a look back at Blaenymaes Primary's space mission to Liverpool World Museum in February 2016:

Mrs Smith has prepared the children for their once in a lifetime presentation for space hero Tim Peake.

She said, "The children are bursting at the seams with excitement.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that we just could not turn down.

"After being the only school in Wales to be involved in the live-link from space and now being the only school in Wales to present to Tim, this really is putting Blaenymaes and Swansea on the map."

Our very own reporter Kathy Peart will be travelling to the event with Blaenymaes School to document their day.

Watch this space!

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