Swansea Soup Run Needs Your Help

Swansea Homeless Soup Run provides meals for the city's population living on the streets - who have no home to go to and cannot provide for themselves.

Previously found once a month outside Saint Mary's Church in the city centre - the organisation now runs fortnightly operations as the number of homeless people is increasing all the time.

Shelter Cymru says officially there are 19 rough sleepers in Swansea but this number is not an accurate representation.

Until 2015 no record was being kept on homeless people in the city.

Shelter Cymru's campaign manager, Jennie Bibbings said, "It seems fairly obvious that there are more than this. 

"The trouble with the research is that they do it on one night in November when it's cold and it only counts those who are sleeping at the time.

"People tend to stay awake a lot during the night at this time of year - which means they miss the government count."

"The government is now working with homelessness charities to get a more indepth and accurate picture of rough sleeping in Wales."

Swansea Homeless Soup Run is trying to stress the fact that many people who are on the streets are not there by choice and that they deserve food and water like everyone else.

One of the member of the Facebook group, Ian Pkc, recently posted, "On todays soup run I was chatting to this gentleman, I say gentleman because that's exactly what he was - very polite and curtious. 

"He told me a little of his story how he ended up on the streets, even though it hurt like hell for him to talk about it. 

"He worked all his life and had an accident in work that resulted in loosing part of his finger, so the doctor put him on the sick for a while, a long while in fact. 

"Also the doctor put him on medication that messed with his head, and also affected him in other ways. 

"Cut a long story short he tried going back to work and couldn't cope so ended up back on the sick with the debt starting to pile up. 

"With all this, plus things going wrong in his life and no help being offered he ended up on the streets.

"I just wanted to share this so people know its not always their own fault that they end up on the streets and they are sometimes just glad for a ear to listen to them."

The charity is now calling on the public to donate anything it can to keep the service running.

Maria from the charity said, "We can only do what we do through the donations from the people out there in Swansea.

"They provide us with the food, we cook it and deliver it to the homeless."

Maria continued, "We need non-perishable foods like tinned food, cereals, biscuits, crisps and water.

"Nobody deserves to live this way. Anything you can do to help is always appreciated by everyone we meet and talk to."

You can find them on Facebook under 'Swansea Homeless Soup Run'.

They are encouraging anyone who can donate to send them a message and a collection will be organised.

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