The latest from the Welsh Government on Coronavirus testing

Heath Minister Vaughan Gething tells journalists about how wider testing is being rolled out

The Welsh Health Minister has been outlining changes to how Coronavirus testing is being carried out in Wales.

In briefing Vaughan Gething explained that Coronavirus home testing would be available to every one in Wales who shows symptoms.

He said people can apply via the UK-wide website or via a bilingual helpline - 1119 - but that demand was likely to be very high over the first few days.

Testing of all residents and staff in Welsh care homes was to be made available from here on in, even if they don't have any symptoms.

Mr Gething also made it clear that as health chiefs grew to understand more about the virus, their advice and systems could change. 

But for now, the key advice in Wales was still stay home and stay safe.

You can watch the whole briefing here:




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