Easter Dangers For Dogs

Delicious for humans....but chocolate is potentially deadly to dogs.  

It is the most common human food that causes illness among dogs.  New research shows 9 out of 10 vets have treated cases of dogs made ill by human food in the last year - and chocolate is the most common cause.   
The average treatment for a dog that has eaten chocolate is over two hundred pounds.   Most likely this will involve making the dog sick then putting the animal on a drip.   But in some cases the cost can soar to closer to a thousand pounds.    
Chocolate contains theobromine, which humans can easily digest.  Dogs, however, process it slowly and find it hard to break down, allowing it to build up to toxic levels.  This can result in death if untreated. 
Other toxic foods for dogs include grapes or raisins, the latter commonly found in hot crossed buns at Easter time; both can cause kidney failure.  

Dog owners are also being warned to be careful with bones, particularly from lamb; they can cause obstructions in the stomach and intestines which can require emergency surgery to remove and are possibly life threatening.   

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