VIDEO: Watch 'This Is Our City' Anthem

Swansea 50 project celebrates city milestone

A video's been launched to mark 50 years of Swansea becoming a city.

On July 3 1969, the Prince of Wales arrived to confer city status on Swansea Town.

Exactly 50 years later, Prince Charles and Camilla will return to help celebrate the milestone.

The video and song - This Is Our City - has been produced by local songwriter Michael Mullan, who has worked with community groups, religious leaders and politicians to celebrate the anniversary.

He's written this letter of thanks to everyone who has helped with the project:

What an amazing few weeks we have had in Swansea filming the video for the This Is Our City Swansea anthem celebrating Swansea's fiftieth year as a city. It’s been an exhausting but truly inspiring and emotional few weeks telling the stories of the real heroes of our city. We are so proud to share this video with you all.

You really are the true heroes of our community and thank you for giving us the honour to make this video about you .

A big thank-you to all of those who turned up to the numerous events we filmed at. You gave up your time to support the project and we are incredibly grateful for this.

In fifty years time, your children and families will be so proud to see you being involved in this project.

A huge thank-you to Rob Stewart Council Leader, Mo Sykes , David Price Deer and all of the Swansea Council Events team; Chris Peters-Bond at the Communications team and everyone else at Swansea Council, including the councillors who were great sports; and Steve Barnes, Claire Pearson and The Wave for being so supportive of this project.

A huge thanks to local film maker and cameraman Matthew Grimsley for his amazing camera work and editing, often working long hours to get the right shot and for putting up with me sending numerous documents detailing what I want in the video and where.

The incredible voice of soon to be world superstar Justine Afante and stunning vocals and co-choreography of the ridiculously talented Megan Annie Carsley and Rebecca Mullan.

Thanks to the Dancerama Performing Arts school and Dance By Rebecca pupils, parents and families who gave up their time to perform in the video and followed us across the city as we shot the film. Last but not least, thanks to all of the wonderful people who took the time out of their lives to dress up and support us at the finale, including Gareth our cameraman who gave up his time for free to film in the centre of Swansea .

This project has made us even more aware of who the real heroes and legends of our city are -  the lifeboat and fire crews who work long hours to save your lives, religious leaders who came together at the Kardomah cafe to show the people in their community that unity and harmony is alive in the city .

The wonderful elders who gave us such warm welcomes when we discussed the project with members of Swansea central mosque and the Guru Nanan Sikh temple in Llansamlet; the Dance Without Barriers leaders who encourage people with additional needs to experience the joy and health benefits of movement through dance; Surfability and Whizzkids organisers who allow wheelchair users to feel the air in their hair and water on their skin as they surf.

Local business owners such as Marcus at the Kardomah restaurant , which has been voted in the top 50 cafes in the world and is competing against the huge restaurant chains; the curators of the home of Dylan Thomas; the wonderful Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress who wore all of their wonderful attire and were such great sports; the inspiring Cando hub group; the fabulous LBGTQ community; the amazing Talking Hands group choir based in Plasmarl who joined us at the St Helen’s performance of the song; Alyson Pugh at Dance for health; Amina at Fusion who put on a great event in St Helen’s.

Pru Thimbleby who facilitates the wonderful Arts got health programme; Jill Duarte who works tirelessly with our hardworking African community and put on an incredible Windrush event full of people from across the globe who have chosen Swansea as their home and contribute their skills and love to it daily. We even got to meet the heroic Lenn Lawrence; one of the first Windrush generation to settle here, who in years to come would save our city from being flooded .

These are the people we should be aspiring to be more like. Not Instagram stars, not reality stars, not billionaires. It is these people who are the true stars that light up the Swansea sky.

We salute you all. You are all heroes of this city . Be proud of who you are and what you do. We live in a wonderfully diverse, creative, hard working, exciting city. We just need to talk a bit more and listen a lot more . Don’t be afraid to open your heart to others. We’ve got a lot of love to give.

Let’s shout out about how amazing we are from the rooftops, let our hearts beat like a fire with pride, let our hearts sing it like a choir, as we are privileged to be able to say This is our City! Here’s to the next fifty years!

Thank you

Mike and Rebecca Mullan

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