Wales Ref Giggles Over 'Gay' Subtitle Error

'Nigel Owens is a gay' was splashed across national telly

Wales international referee Nigel Owens says he has not been offended by a BBC subtitling error made during Saturday's Six Nations coverage and it actually "made him giggle".

"Nigel Owens is a gay" appeared on TV screens everywhere just after Owens awarded Scotland a penalty over England in their 25-13 victory at the weekend.

The BBC said its' voice recognition software mistakenly produced the sentence after commentator, Andrew Cotter, actually said "Nigel Owens is saying [penalty and yellow card]".

BBC Sport quickly corrected the error and said 'mistakes happen'.

A BBC Spokesperson said: “Our live subtitling service produces accuracy levels in excess of 98% but, as with all broadcasters, there are instances - particularly during live broadcasts - when mistakes happen.

"On this occasion the voice recognition subtitling software made an error which was spotted and corrected immediately."

Nigel Owens apparently took no offence and found the unfortunate translation from the voice recognition software quite amusing.


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