Warning After Students Targeted By Thieves

Police are reminding students to ensure all doors and windows are locked secure following a number of burglaries in the Swansea area.

It follows incidents in Uplands (8/2/18), Brynmill (15/2/18) and Mount Pleasant (17/2/18).

Student accommodation is often a tempting target for thieves so it's important to ensure your property is safe.


Think about it: five students - five bedrooms of gadgets and goodies. On top of this, most students are out during the day and sometimes night making it easy for opportunistic criminals to strike.


To combat this, the South Wales Police Universities Liaison Team - along with their colleagues in the Neighbourhood Policing Team - will be providing addition patrols and engaging with students to remind them that leaving your property 'insecure' is the best gift to a would-be burglar.

As part of this commitment the team will visit student homes and campuses to promote the crime prevention and personal safety message to ensure that students have a safe and enjoyable experience while studying in Swansea.

DI Matthew Davies who is investigating the incidents said:"By emphasising the importance of 'insecure properties' our officers will be highlighting ways in which the students can keep themselves and their belongings safe.

"In addition to giving advice of how best to stay safe and secure, we will also be providing a visible presence around the universities and affected areas for reassurance - and engage with students should anyone need any advice."


You can beat the burglars, however, by following these simple steps:


  •  Don't attach your name or address to your house key
  • If you have a back gate or entrance, make sure it's kept shut and secure at all times
  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked when you head out
  • Avoid keeping spare keys hidden under the front door mat or in other locations outside the property
  • Keep valuables safely away and out of sight from windows
  • If you're going home for the holidays, take all your valuables with you and make sure everything is locked.
  • Register your valuables on www.immobilise.com


Going out or going away?


  • Don't let a thief catch you out!Keep doors and windows locked at all times - even if you're inside but away from your room.
  • Don't forgot to lock the door behind you and remove the key from the lock·         
  • Keep keys, cash and valuables out of sight and in a safe place.



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