Badger and Claire visit service personnel in CYPRUS

We are eternally grateful to our country's service personnel and to say thanks we hopped on a plane from RAF Brize Norton, flew to Cyprus, and stopped at Dekhaelia Garrison! Badger and Claire stayed in the mess and lived army life - including PT sessions

(only for Claire though as badgers such a gent he wants to catch her if she faints...hmmm.)

Check out the photo gallery to see our Christmas party with the families of the army service personnel, you can also see just who we were chatting too, and even that dreaded PT session.

All photos here

We visited Dekhaelia Garrison Sunday and Monday

Tuesday Episkopi

Wednesday RAF airport Akrotiri

We were very privileged to be in Akrotiri on December 2nd, this was the day the MP's voted on Syria.

Here are just some of the people we spoke with in Cyprus, and there are some fascinating stories, including what these fantastic people will be doing Christmas day.

Have a listen to just some of the messages we got for back home this Christmas by clicking here  

Rachel Ferris RAF episkopi practice manager tells us what she'll be doing on Christmas day in Cyprus with her RAF family 

RAF Gareth Unit admin officer is from Tonmawr 

Listen to Badger talking to Deano about what Christmas is like for service personnel away from their families - and his first Christmas morning with his family will be in Cyprus

Pardre Geoff based at Dekhaelia Garrison talks about Story book soldier 

RAF Military Police Andrew Haines talks about making home where you're based even if you miss those back in Wales 

Bev Davies from Morriston came along to say hello to family and friends at home in Swansea as she's the wife of a serviceman

Claire has a P.T session with Mike - otherwise known as a beasting

Kath Millard from Neath - MOD school music teacher based in Cyprus

Captain Rob Painter - How will Rob celebrate Christmas in Ayios Nikolaios

Laura is the wife of a welsh army man speaking about her husband being posted away at Christmas while she stays in Dekhaelia Garrison, Cyprus

Meet 6 year old Amelia who lives in Dekhaelia Garrison where her mum is based. She also has FANTASTIC interview skills...