10 Reasons To Get Your SA1 Bounce On!

I recently visited Swansea’s brand new indoor trampoline park - Limitless - with my partner Ricky and his daughter Honey.

What was I expecting? A couple of trampolines and a lot of screaming children?

Turns out, I was wrong…

So here are just 10 easy reasons you should jump up jump up and get down!

(Yes. That was a reference to the 1992 House of Pain CLASSIC hit ‘Jump around’...)

Reason 1

No pain, no gain.

Top reason to visit – you’ll get a full body workout. Literally, full body. After just one hour of bouncing I was (and still am) feeling pain in muscles I didn’t know existed.

Reason 2

Kids. Just. Love it! (Look at that sweaty, happy, bouncy face!)

Reason 3

It’s not JUST the best time your child will claim to have had ‘ever in the world ever’ (a direct quote from Honey, pictured above) but adults get to turn into big kids too!

Reason 4

There’s actually an Olympic trampoline that the more professional/trained bouncer can use too. It includes a surrounding wall for Parkour runners to do their thing on. Needless to say, I did not attempt it but some of the staff are pretty good at it!

Reason 5

The café is really reasonably priced (see a completely un-staged photograph of me and Honey reading the menu below)

It also overlooks the park so you can watch the kids while they bounce.

Reason 6

It’s super regulated. There’s a safety video to watch beforehand and members of staff are on hand all the time keeping an eye on everyone. So, if you’re not bouncing with the kids – you know they’re safe!

Reason 7

It’s not just a few trampolines. There are LOADS of trampolines. And also: foam pits, a bouncy dodgeball court, basketball sections, gymnastic hoops AND reaction pad games!

Reason 8


Reason 9

You get to take home the pretty cool rubber soled socks! (You do pay for them but they are awesome!)

Reason 10

The staff are really friendly, chatty and professional.

Go on...jump! jump! jump!