Cafe Twocann - gourmet club treat!

Claire here telling you all about my experience at café TwoCann - I recommend you get yourself a Gourmet Club voucher and if you miss out, you should get yourself there anyway! Click HERE For your Café TwoCann voucher

You can find Café TwoCann at SA1, a few doors away from La Parilla and surrounded by the beautiful views of the newly regenerated Swansea waterfront.  It's actually situated in one of the original buildings of the docks. It's an intimate restaurant with knowledgeable and friendly staff who attend to your every need, with a lunch and evening menu available. I loved it! There's even a gift shop there - most of what you see on display  at Twocann you can buy - I thought that was a nice touch. Particularly a sign which said 'technically you're not drinking on your own if the dog is home.' That's got my name all over it!

Here's the brisket starter - with a little bowl of marmalade sauce it was so different and cute! (and tasty!)

Mains - Tagilatelle and their famous burger (I chose half and half mozzarella and Welsh blue cheese - it was a good choice)

Dessert - after being far too full from our mains we decided to share a light dessert of fruits and icecream, it was wow!

As I said, try and snatch up a Gourmet Club voucher if you can, Café TwoCann is a real 'treat place'. But if you miss the vouchers, I recommend you go, it's really cosy and warm there, the staff are wonderful. We even met the chef who couldn't do enough for us. What a lovely bunch!  


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