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How many of these things do you stress about?

* The amount of weight you need to lose

* You can’t fit into any of your nice clothes

* You don’t know what to eat to lose weight

* So many things are coming up with food & drink – what’s the point in starting

* Not having the willpower to stick at anything


You believe you’ll fail before you start, so don’t start in the first place.

STOP thinking like that. 


We don’t live in a perfect world and no ‘perfect plan’ exists.


Thinking you need to be perfect will only

make you procrastinate more as you can’t bear the pain of failure and criticism, so not starting in the first place seems like a better option.


You may think that any small steps to success are insignificant

because you aren’t doing it quick enough,

and you think you’re not doing good enough

compared to what you think you SHOULD be doing.


If you demand being

PERFECT at your diet,

PERFECT at doing your workouts,

PERFECT at thinking positive

PERFECT at nailing life…..you will be setting yourself up for self defeat and self criticism.

The more critical you are of yourself the harder it is to get started.

This will make you afraid of seeing what you can really do and keep you from

preparing for a little (or big) slip-up with a plan that helps you get back on the wagon


…and the result?

You don’t even start in the first place.


- Accept mistakes (They’re actually lessons)

- Have self compassion rather than self criticism

- Recognise that as a novice – you have to learn.


So accept that:

when you want to make change you’ll need help,

you’ll need support,

you’ll need to accept there will be slip-ups,

you’ll bounce back quicker and better.


There are always slip ups..

Too much to drink one weekend

Too much to eat one evening

Not doing a workout for a few days

Many have done it, and still have amazing success.

Because they had a back up plan and someone there to help them.




Do NOT go it alone


Get a group of people around you on the same mission, just like the TARAnsformers online who are with each other everyday…and so could you.


Tara xx

Tara Hammett is a lifestyle guru and fitness expert. She joins us for a Podcast every week. Click Here for the latest

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