Keep that holiday feeling at the office

Claire's tips to keep that holiday feeling ...

Badger's just got back from his holiday to Spain, like so many others. Lets not sit in a depressed state wishing we were still sipping on cocktails by the clear blue sea while the children are the hotel reps problem. Let's keep that holiday feeling going!

Do ....

Keep the legs out! They've got a tan use it - wear those shorts and skirts. Even if it's raining your legs dry quicker anyway.

Turn that heating up in the office - close your eyes then every now and again and imagine you're just sitting on your holiday balcony. (Obviously don't wear layers to work...)

Apply sun tan lotion - this really does work. The smell reminds EVERYONE of beach holidays!

Wear your sunglasses. Not only will this remind you of holidays, you can dismiss that dreary office you're sitting in because you can't really see it - because you're wearing sunglasses indoors.

Two words which will make your day (and everyone in your workplace) ... HAPPY HOUR! Make sure you get some cocktail umbrellas to really commit and make it work.

Find a bucket/bowl and fill it with luke warm water. Then take your shoes and socks off, and dip your feet in said bucket/bowl at your desk. (I don't know why we don't do this anyway?!)



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