Staying in is the new going out!

It's official, Claire's had an epiphany.

Staying in is the new going out, that's RIGHT! I said it.


1. You don’t have to deal with crowds

2. You get to choose your own music and entertainment. You’re the DJ of your living room, and you take that responsibility very seriously.

3. No queuing for a drink

4. No stingy measures for cocktails - you pour your own bad boy, the way you want it.

5. Free food (or a take away which usually means no dishes anyway!)

6. Sweat pants, PJ's, Onesies

7. It's warm and dry. Only the takeaway driver gets wet (sorry!)

8. You can actually have a proper conversation.

9. Pets are allowed!

10. No taxi queuing

11. You don't miss I’m a celeb.


Sorted :oD


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