Tea - Milk first or last?

Will this debate EVER end?

Most people put teabag – sugar – water – milk,  however there are many who (gasp) put the milk in before the water. There is a man that knows the answer, a man so important his tastebuds are insured for £1m. Tetley tea blender Sebastian Michaelis – the man with the expensive tastebuds reveals all.  And apparently, if you put milk in your tea first, you could actually be ruining it.

"If you are a proponent of the ‘water first’ method, you’re correct, and everyone you’ve been arguing with should feel incredibly ashamed." According to Sebastian, putting milk in before the water will ‘reduce the water temperature and inhibit brewing,’ while putting the water in first will give you more control of the strength of the tea.

So feel ASHAMED of yourselves milk first people!

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