The Burn Series - see how Claire Scott did and sign up for the next one!

How did she do?

You can sign up for the next Burn series here http://www.burnseries.co.uk/

Remember there's a Full Burn: 10km run, 1km kayak, 40km mountain bike, orienteering, plus some additional Adventure challenges.

And a Mini Burn: 3km run, 1km kayak, 10km mountain biking, orienteering, plus some additional Adventure challenges

Claire was grateful she had some kayak training - watch Badger capsizing her at Aberavan's new leisure centre Click HERE

Big brother Richard and Claire at the finish - chuffed!

You can check out the official Burn series photos here Click here

And Claire returned Badgers bike ... in this state. He was not happy ...




Cover art for My Oh My (Feat. Da Baby)

On Air

Max Mallen playing Camila Cabello - My Oh My (Feat. Da Baby)