All Badger and Claire's shenanigans in one place for you! Enjoy ....

The FULL office Olympics

The FAMOUS Breakfast Show Bean Boozled challenge.

Round 1

Round 2

Claire shows her support for the Euros 2016 and Wales

The Secret Life of Claire's Pets

Badgers Bushtucker Trial

Badgers Valentines pressie from Claire

Dizzy penalties!

When Claire did the weather during Storm Imogen

Did you know facebook is hiding your own messages from you?

When Badger and Claire messed around backstage at The Local Hero awards

Did you see the moment Claire met the All Blacks? It didn't pan out how she hoped...

When it all began ...

Claire takes part in the mini burn at Margam park (she says there's NOWT mini about it!)

Claire being capsized in a kayak by Badger ...

Claire's magic trick (prank) on Badger ....

We made Badger up for International Women's Day ...

Badger and Claire take a dinosaur to Trallwn Primary School

Claire puts Phil Hoyles on a SWEG ... lol

Check out Badgers reaction to the new Star Wars - The Force Awakens trailer

Badger and Claire take the 365 challenge


Party In Your Playground with Pengelli Primary School


Cover art for Physical

On Air

Paul Griffiths playing Dua Lipa - Physical