What are they taking away from the iPhone now!?!?

Just when we're getting used to the fact that Apple have taken away the headphone jack from the iPhone they go and take away something else! So the amputations aren’t about to stop there. It's now losing the home button. We know. Shocking.

Apple’s rumoured to be making its first device without the iconic round ‘unlock’ button on the front – an iPad, due early this year.

The Facetime camera will remain but there will be no buttons on the front screen.

It's rumoured the reason for this is that there will be more screen thanks to the space this will create. The reason people believe that the button will be leaving the iPhone soon is because Apple iPhone rival Googles Pixel phone has no buttons on the front.


Are you happy to lose the 'home' button?
No! It'll be the end of the world (ish)
Yes, I would love a bigger screen
I don't have an iPhone
Who cares




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