What do you forgive your parents for?

We're asking you 'What do you forgive Mam and Dad for?'

Claire says 'I finally forgive you for picking me up from kiddies Ritzys wearing a bright red Mac zipped up to your eyeballs, and then leaving the car (which should've been hidden out of sight around the corner) and shouting across the Kingsway 'YOU'RE HALF AN HOUR LATE GET IN THE CAR!'

Badger suggests it may have been tactical to keep the boys away...

Here are some of yours!

Catherine Thomas Many years ago my dad kindly agreed to pick me up from work. Unfortunately I was 10 minutes late finishing and that meant he'd be late for squash. He didn't come into the shop - he just left! I waited an hour before I realised he wasn't coming. I then (with no bus money and starving) had to walk home in the cold and rain with no jacket or brolly ... Uuugh, I've changed my mind I still don't forgive him!!! In the days of no mobile phones, I popped into McDonald's and tried to use a pay phone to reverse the charges but no one was home. The only good thing was I bumped into an old friend who worked in McDonald's who clearly took pity on me and my sad story and gave me some food lol. Cheers to my friend Gavin Bailey. Then I got home and (my sister) Claire Scott made fun of me.

Amanda Baldwin I forgive my mum Carolyn Clarke for making me do my paper round when she didn't believe I had a broken needle stuck in the bone of my foot which I had to have an operation to remove ?
Luckily she is a fab mum so I let her off lol xx

Kristian 'Elvis' James Davies My dad used to tell me that every time the Ice Cream van played its music, it meant that they ran out of ice cream.....

Caroline Noall My mother used to do exactly the same Claire....but it used to be a coat over her pjs and shouting exactly the same thing

Karl Morgan I forgive for...bringing out the photo album of me looking like a doosh bag when I was younger... And showing them to my girlfriend at the time... No wait I don't forgive them! I looked like a doosh mum and dad!!! A doooooooosh!!!

Sam Thomas I forgive my parents for making me go to school all those years ago, remember the storm that reduced seven oaks to one oak, and Micheal fish gets grief about saying it wasn't going to happen, they made to walk to school, climb over fallen trees, avoid death, then I got shouted at by deputy head for coming to school and got sent home.

Jennifer Light I forgive my dad for telling me my great great great grandfather discovered Adelaid in Australia that is why we emigrated there when i was 4. When i moved to swansea when i was 9 i had to tell my class in cwmbwrla primary about myself and i told them this story i was so proud! I was 45 before I knew it wasn't true. FAIL LOL XX

Wendy Gemine For telling me we were gonna go to Swansea for the day in my new shoes socks and frock only for you to walk me into a class room and when I turned round you'd legged it ! I was 5 ( summer baby ) but I'm still not over it ( I'm 51 now ) and breathe!

Nicola Williams I forgive you dad for stretching your Ystalyfera RFC bobble hat over your works helmet whilst working at my comprehensive school yard when I was 14


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