Diet Tribe 2012



Robbie Vaughan from Swansea is our biggest loser with the Diet Tribe this time around! He lost a massive 34.5 pounds in just 6 weeks!! He's won a fab week for 2 in Jamaica thanks to the LC and The Wave at The Couples Swept Away resort Jamaica!

Well done to Robbie Vaughan who once again was our biggest loser this week! Then it was time to hit the Board rider!!



And here's the video, check out Em doing a Halle Berry (Ribena Berry!!) and Badger's Daniel Craig (James Pond) ...


John came fully equipped!

On Saturday the 4th of February, we held a 'Giant Zumba' at the LC.  A brilliant workout thanks to our Zumba instructor Mandy, sides were aching by the end of the hour session and not just from the wiggling and the stretching, but from all the laughter too.

Fair play to all the blokes who gave it a go, there were a lot of sexy moves to master, but Badger, Kevin, Robbie and John gave it their all, check out the video:

After just 2 weeks the Diet Tribe have lost nearly 6 stone. Robbie has been our biggest looser so far, he's lost over a stone and a remarkable 10 and 3/4 inches from his body. His secret, eating regular meals. Our nutritionist Tara compared his diet to that of a Sumo wrestler, he'd go without food all day then eat calorific meals at night. Now Robbie has breakfast every morning and tries to fit in an early Spin class at the LC. Here's the tribe recovering after a session on the spin bikes with Matt.




So we're in week 3 of Diet Tribe with the LC and last weekend it was a beautiful sunny day when we took to the seafront of Swansea bay for an intense workout with Paul from Forces Fitness.

Stretching - in the sunshine of Swansea Bay Saturday morning!


See what our Tribers are competing for...http://www.thewave.co.uk/local/diet-tribe/

Before you go spending all your cash on Gym equipment you dont want, cant afford and will never use keep listening to the Wave Diet Tribe and find out how to get great results and keep that cash in your bank where it should be!

We're giving 8 lovely people the chance to have personal training, free membership to the LC Swansea and rather beautiful sparkly selection of prizes!

The Big Weigh hey in was Saturday Morning - Great to catch up with the new team of 8 Tribers. Each week we'll have a new challenge set plus there's lots of tips on dieting and keeping fit.


Tuesday morning was the first get fit session at The LC. Kinetic machines allow you tto rain you're weight lifting (nothing too heavy) safely.


 So Dean put us through our paces and then it was on to the rowing machine for a race!


Don't forget to stretch!!

Todays tip - Breakfast! Its the most important meal of the day. Stay away from choccy cereals. Get something in you that will slowly release lots of energy steadily until lunchtime. Oats get the thumbs up but remember portion size (no more than a handfull)

TRIBERS! (looking nervous!)