'Cook your Turkey in Cling film' says Chef Ash

Chef Ash at Parc Le Breos Hotel and Restaurant on Gower has some great tips on cooking the Christmas Dinner.

'Wrapping the Turkey Crown in Cling film and poaching it will make a massive difference to keeping it in shape, moist and succulent. There's no reason not to cook it on Christmas Eve. Just by following the usual rules for cooking the Crown but pop it in the film, wrapped tight on the hob the poach in water with some veg and stock. Finish it off in the oven on Christmas day by getting the oven nice and hot, Cling film off and roast to perfection'. 

Ash is no fan of spending Christmas morning prepping veg - 'All the root veg can be prepped up to 48 hr's before, just keep them cool and of course the potatoes need to be kept in water or they'll go brown'.

'Don't over cook your sprouts, get them to keep some crunch. Once they're done, plunge them in iced water to stop the cooking process then you can just zap in the microwave to heat' .

Ash has more tips for cooking right Here Including a fantastic idea for desert if you're not a fan of the traditional Christmas pud.

See the Parc Le Breos Website here