Dangerous New Feature on Snapchat

Last week, Snapchat unleashed its latest feature, Snap Map, a social map that allows users to share their location and find friends on a map. Some users are seeing the tools as a fun new upgrade to the photo-sharing app — but others are getting a serious case of the creeps. It's Particularly dangerous for kids using the app as it locates them down to 5 meters on a map. Here's how to turn off Snapchat's Snap Map feature.

After you've updated the app on either iOS or Android, you'll want to pinch the screen from Snapchat's main camera mode in order to get to Snap Map. From there, you'll be able to set up the Snap Map feature, and it'll ask you right off the bat who you would like to share your location with. Instead of selecting "My Friends" or "Select Friends," make sure you tap "Only Me (Ghost Mode" if you want to keep your location private.

Already set up Snap Map but having second thoughts about broadcasting your location? Don't worry, you're allowed to change your mind anytime. Here's how you can hide your location on Snap Map either during the initial set-up or afterwards, depending on when you want to go into stealth mode. Now Enjoy

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