Swansea charity is asking for you to skip to survive

Maggies Swansea is facing a funding crisis. The Charity which helps people with Cancer has a state of the art help centre based at Singleton Hospital. Lara Johnson visits each Monday to volunteer at the centre. This year with the outbreak of COVID 19 the charity saw many fundraising events disappear out of the calendar. Lara says 'We had over 100 runners who were going to take part in the London Marathon, we've lost that fundraising. We had a think and came up with the 2.6 challenge. Physical Trainer Charlotte Koscian is hosting daily skipping challenges for people to take part in'.

Charlotte says 'The challenge is tough. 2600 skips a day for 26 days. Get a rope, Get sponsored and help raise money for the charity. It has enormous benefits to Mental and Physical health.' 

Listen to Badger talking to the team 

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Hear Badger talking to the team