What to do if you or your doggy touches one of these on the beach

We’ve received reports of Portuguese man of War jellyfish being washed up on our beaches.
These sometimes float (but not always) we would urge you to be careful if entering the sea and if walking your dogs this week.
First aid advice would be to remove the sting by scraping it away with a credit card or stick then soak any affected area in warm sea water and seek medical advice if symptoms becom...e concerning by calling 111.

Do not use urine to treat a jellyfish sting.

Do not use vinegar to treat a Portuguese Man of War sting as it will make the pain worse. Use paracetamol or Ibuprofen to numb the pain.
If the sting is to the eyes or ingested you must go to your nearest A and E immediately.
Pets should be taken to an emergency vets practice.
Thanks to Luca Pagano for this picture.

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