What you and your family need to know about the new Apple Update


As of Tomorrow Facebook will be able to use your Bluetooth connection to track your every move. . The social network on Monday detailed the ways it uses location data and outlined how users can control location settings in Apple's upcoming iOS 13 for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Max Pro, and in Google's Android 10.

"Facebook is better with location," They say  "Features like Find Wi-Fi and Nearby Friends use precise location even when you're not using the app to make sure that alerts and tools are accurate and personalized for you."

Many tec experts are concerned that Facebook is once again taking tiny shreds of data to let tech companies know you better than you know yourself.

If you’ve tried to search for a specific item from a specific retailer while youre at a different store that’s when ‘Location, Location, Location’ comes into play. One tech expert said ‘ This has a massive effect on an individuals purchase power as their precise location in a store can govern the kind of ads seen on their screen’. Consumers should be looking to remove location sharing – especially on Bluetooth in order to simply increase their buying power if nothing else.

Apple has announced several features to protect people's privacy, including new iOS 13 restrictions on location tracking. Now when you give an app permission to access your location data, you can require the app to ask for permission each time. Apple is also making how often an app accesses your location more transparent through a periodic alert that includes a map of all the places an app has checked your location in the background. The addition of the map is eye-opening, and may prompt people to take privacy settings more seriously. Apple will also block location tracking from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Google's newest mobile operating system, Android 10, also comes with improved privacy settings, including the option to restrict individual apps accessing location data. The social network said this could lead to Android and Facebook location settings being out of sync, but that it'll respect the more restrictive setting choice. Facebook said it'll begin to phase out its apps background location setting on Android 10 by reminding people to instead check their device's location settings.

Facebook said it can still understand users' locations using things like check-ins, events and information about their internet connection.

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