Jaffa Cake or Jaffa Biscuit

The debate will never ever go away will it? ... "Is a Jaffa cake, a cake or a biscuit?"

Despite it having 'cake' in the actual name, some would argue it's a biscuit because that's where it is found alongside Rich Teas and Custard Creams. Others will say it has all the textures of a cake so therefore it's a cake.

Either way you look at it, there are arguments for and against where it should be stocked in a supermarket however one retailer in particular has come up with the genius idea that will (potentially) satisfy BOTH sides of the fence.

How about a Jaffa Cake ... Er. Cake?

All the goodness of a biscuit, but in an actual cake form?

I think that's a winner... Unless you don't like Jaffa Cakes overall, then I've kind of wasted your time here.

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