Some helpful exam tips

People deal with exam preparation in different ways.

Some will shut themselves in a room for hours on end, some will revise with friends and others do a bit of both.

Personally, I was one of those that preferred to revise alone as I'd be distracted way too easily.

Below are just a few tips, you might want to share with your friends, your kids or even you might find them useful yourself!


Sleep is important in any case. You'll be given your exam timetable in advance so you're able to plan when to revise. Don't try and cram everything in late at night as you'll be grumpy the next day and funnily enough, all you'll want to do is sleep.

Set yourself a decent time to go to bed and get up in enough time so you're not rushing to your exam!

Move On

Don't relive the exam. You've done what you've done. You can't change anything. Most importantly, don't go researching the question answer after the test as you'll only worry even more if you've put something different.

Post it notes!

I used these loads during my revision and they helped no end. Different colours meant different things and you were able to digest in bite-size chunks, as opposed to writing reams and reams of stuff you might never read back!

You can also stick them to walls, doors, ceilings etc. (And you won't get shouted at for marking the paintwork!) - Your parents in particular will understand if they walk upstairs and at the top of the landing there's a note with some scribbles on. (As long as it doesn't become a permanent fixture on the wall once your exams are over!)

Take breaks

It's so easy to get lost in a subject you love. Or worry about something you know but wonder what's going to be asked of you.

Take a walk. Go for a run. Take a drive. Go visit relatives. Cuddle your pets. Anything that will break the monotony of revision. 

Eat and Drink

Again, it's easy to get lost in revision. But make sure you eat and drink as if it wasn't exam season!

Lots of water more to the point, rather than fizzy drinks or alcohol.


Not only on you but the weeks in general. Don't let things put you off. Peer pressure can be a spiteful thing but exam season is relatively short and you can always relax in ways you want once they're over! Summer holidays follow and then it's a mixture of uni, college or adult life!


Good luck! All the best for your exams from all of us here at The Wave.

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