Thank you Teachers!

It's that time of year for some, where the summer holidays await!

You may be in your last year of primary school, eagerly waiting to join Secondary. Or you're in last year of Secondary waiting to see what lies ahead in 6th form or college, or maybe you're at that stage where University or Employment awaits!

In any case, you're ready to wave goodbye to surroundings you've been in for a number of years to move on to pastures new.

They do say your school years really are the best years of your life, as you meet some friends that stay with you forever and the memories you make can rarely be replicated in the future. (The fact you spend near enough every single day with your peers and when school is over and you have jobs, relationships, families etc, so it's a little bit more difficult to get everyone together!)

Teachers see students come and go and some of the time, they rarely get the recognition they deserve!

So if you want to say Thank You, give them a little card to say so for guiding you through whatever stage of education you're at ... but you can also send us a message too and we'll shout them out on the radio for you!

Download our app

Search The Wave and send a FREE message through that in the top right hand corner

Make sure you put your name and your teachers name/school too (that would be really handy!)


Our number is 65115. Make sure you put WAVE at the start of your Message. (By the way, this'll cost you 25p + STD network charge)

Again, make sure you put your name on the text and your teachers name/school too.

Happy Summer!