12 Signs they're cheating...

A new list has been revealed by a Private investigator. They shared red flags to watch out for if you suspect infidelity.

1. They are playing new music

2. The passenger seat has been adjusted

3. More mileage on the car than there should be 

4. Being protective of phone, social media or email

5. Dramatic change in physical attention - a guilty person might try harder. However some who are getting attention elsewhere don't bother.

6. Decline in communication

7. They want to do their own laundry

8.  They’re spending more money

9. You catch them not wearing their wedding ring

10. They start a new hobby

11. New clothes and underwear

12. Change in personality 

Leigh and Claire panicked looking at this...

They're always listening to new music

Often encouraged to take up new hobbies for work

They move their passenger seats to clean the car

they travel different places to work so their mileage varies

They're the laundry do-ers in their homes

They each take their wedding rings off to go to the gym (health and safety!!!!!)

What a terrible list!