All you can eat for charity! Pay £12 which all goes to charity CISS and eat your way through the menu!


Fancy an all you can eat competition for charity that will only cost you £12?

AND you get to eat A LOT OF PANCAKES!

Here's what you do: 

Pay £12 - which goes directly to 'Cancer Information and Support Services, Uplands'

You then you simply eat your way through the sweet menu!

That £12 is 100% a donation to CISS in Uplands.

Starting with a Sugar and Lemon Crepe, then a Nutella Waffle and so on through the entire Sweet Crepe & Waffle Menu such as The Normandy and infamous Chocoholic Dream. The person who eats the most will win a free meal for 6 at a later date.

Sign up by booking either at Maisies, Uplands Crescent or ring Maisies, Creperie & Grill House on 01792 518768

It all takes place Monday 24th February at 6pm. Staff are working for free.

Maisie’s are giving the food for free. If they book every place, they could raise £500 on the night plus raise awareness of the Charity who are there for cancer information and support.

Maisie's owner Steve says "The reason we're doing this is for a friend, my best ever mate, who died Friday morning from Cancer. We are raising money for CISS, Cancer Information Support Service in Uplands. He continued to work right up to the few days before he died and did not say a word to his clients."

Please help Maisie's by taking part, you really will get to stuff your face for £12. It's an absolute bargain and you'll be helping charity. 

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