Birchgrove Primary will be on CBeebies on Monday!

Birchgrove Primary School are going to be on Cbeebies! The 'Time For School' series was shot at Birchgrove primary School and goes out on Monday at 5:30pm on CBeebies. Make sure you set a reminder in your planner to see the cheeky kids of Birchgrove Primary School getting up to all sorts of mischief. 

Below is a link to some music videos the children have recorded, they will definitely give you a taster of what to expect on your telly Monday at 5:30pm!

You may even see Leigh and Claire on the show too as they visited the school while CBeebies were filming. 

 Watch Birchgrove Primary School's music videos here  

#DontDanceAlone Birchgrove Primary
Birchgrove Primary hosted a very special tea dance.