Can you help Stitch?

Stitch was callously abandoned cold, alone and in a lot of pain. She was left in a shoe box to suffer.

Luckily she was brought to Llys Nini in Penllergaer where the team have started to treat her.

She has a complex injury to her front left leg and is being referred to a specialist vet where she will need an operation.

Following her treatment she will need an external frame and will have to stay at the vets for some time as the frame will need adjusting as she grows.  Llys Nini anticipate the costs could be up to £5000 depending on the full result of the assessment.

A spokesperson for Llys Nini have said they will everyone updated.

"Should we raise more than we need for Stitch's treatment, it will used for veterinary care of other animals in need." 

If you can please donate to Stitch here or you can text SOSA 05 £5 (or any amount) to 70070