Cringe ... Did you see Bradley's awkward kiss?


Bradley was not expecting contestant Kathy's reaction when she defeated the Chaser on Tuesday nights show and his says everything. 

Bradley looked very awkward during the kiss and equally shocked after it.

As Bradley stood dumbfounded, Anne announced: ‘That was… unusual. Are you alright?’

Bradley was his usual comedic self and quipped that he ‘needed a lie down’ as the episode disappeared off screen. Viewers at home were quick to jump to the host’s defence, saying that it was inappropriate and that if their genders were switched – and a male contestant went in for a kiss from a woman, then it wouldn’t have been played off for laughs as it was done on the show.

At the end of the show, Kathy looked chuffed with her fellow contestant. She then cooed: ‘I’m going to go to a neutrino conference Bradley and I’ll think of you!’

He responded ‘If you’re going to a neutrino conference anywhere in the world, look out for Kathy, She’s coming!’


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