Dad advice for Leigh

With a baby on the way any day, Dad's have been getting in touch to offer advice to Leigh. Any help will be gratefully received.

Steve in Llanelli: Don't be afraid to ask for help. From your significant other, your parents, your in-laws, your neighbour, whoever. Yes, it's your job to be their Dad, but don't be a cliché by not "asking for directions." 

Alex St Thomas: Hoard napkins from every Starbucks, McDonald's, Costa and stash them in every corner of your life: your glove compartment, kitchen drawers, your work bag, your garage, your nightstand, in your pockets, everywhere. Because you will always need them."

Lee Bonymaen: Find and join a group of Dads. It's a great laugh and someone always knows the answer to a question you might have.

Neil Tonna: Don't forget to put a nappy back on after you change the dirty one out. 

Craig Aberavon: You are not going to parent the right way. Nobody does. Parent your way. Unless it's really wrong, then don't parent wrong. Know what I mean?

David Hendy: Baby wipes are the duct tape of parenting.

Luke Hafod: N.A.P.S. Naps – A – Parenting – Savior". Get that baby on a schedule!

Matthew Morrison: Be aware of ceiling fans and low door openings when you're walking around with your kid on your shoulders. Oh, and one other thing: Get in the habit of making sure your child sees you smile every time you see them. Be they 1 month, 1 year, 11 or 21 – kids need to know they are people of value in their father's eyes.

Ryan Bridgend: If you are not that fit, start exercising now. Chasing your kid around all day is tiring, so it helps to have some cardio under your belt.

Zack Swansea: Remember to eat. It begins to slip surprisingly far down the priority list. Accept all gifts of food. If anyone asks if they can do anything, answer 'Cook us some food please.'

More advice welcome below! 

We've added a baby compilation for your amusement. Enjoy!