Did you see the new lockdown rules for Wales?

The basics to stick to are : 

  1. Exercise restrictions have been tightened to cut down on unnecessary travel
  2. Cyclists are told they should travel no farther than a "reasonable walking distance from home"

Your questions: 


The Welsh Government says: "The fundamental principle is that people should stay home as much as possible".

What do the new rules on exercise say?

That it should be taken "as close as possible to the home".

You should not drive away from home to exercise, with no journeys "of any significant distance".

How many times can I exercise?

Once a day. The time limit is not spelled out, but the rules say four or five hours is out of the question. You must not meet up with friends and must stay two metres apart from other people.

Is this for everyone?

Some people with health or mobility issues may not be able to exercise directly outside their homes. They may drive to the nearest convenient spot.

Those with conditions or disabilities, such as autism or dementia, can exercise more than once a day.

Can you exercise with other people?

It should be alone, or with people from your household, or with carers if necessary.

Where can you exercise?

Busy places like parks should be avoided.

What exercise is allowed?

It should usually be only walking, running and cycling. Risky exercise is ruled out.

Can you allowed to have a picnic?

Picnics are banned. So is sitting for a "prolonged period" on benches.

How far are you allowed to cycle?

A "reasonable walking distance from home". This is not spelled out exactly, but the rules say an accident a long way from home could put more pressure on the NHS.

Can you cycle to work?

Only if going to work is justified.

What other rules must cyclists follow?

They must cycle alone, or with people from their home. They must stick to routes they know and take care of walkers, runners or other cyclists.

They must stay two metres apart and stop to let people go by.